Equality and inequality can mean different things to different people. Education and income generating employment play key roles along the road to equality. Legal franchise is also an important factor – as is the practice as to the rights of personal and property security of the individual.

Lack of equality is obvious: Violence against women and their loss of property in marriage breakups is commonplace. There is a systematized clear segmentation in society, as to legal recourse, resulting in unfair isolation and gender inequality. Rape and other abuses are common, and often the victim is victimized for a second time by society and by the law. Women seemingly have little or no legal recourse.

Steps provides ‘Legal Workshops’, and individual counseling.

Another tool or practice to reduce this ‘isolation is a Steps for…… 

For example: Run for Equality, Cycle for Equality, etc. These activities provide a platform for women to experience and to show their innate strengths. Sport and art are bonding tools that allow women to express themselves and raise their self-awareness and self-esteem. In addition, many of the activities can easily include men, so helping to bridge the gender gap. Any activity to highlight and encourage the value and the necessity of equality is welcome.  


Run for Equality

A mini marathon organised by Steps.
Now Steps members run in other races, with the flag: ‘Run for Equality



22154172_1483613011722944_409136766537899852_nPlay for Equality

Tipling women challenged the men to a game of volleyball. The men won, but they cheated! Fun was had by all. Now, it encompasses any team game where both genders participate.

61ADFC36-2B7E-4383-B8B9-EDF5254E9D57Cycle for Equality

A one-bike project that grew and grew. An awakening for many women, and great fun. Morning beginner group courses held, plus cycle-touring.

DrawingDraw for Equality

Simple tools: Pencils, paper and colours. Imagination runs amok! Some ladies had never held a pencil in their hands previously. 

8C4C8AD6-0988-4171-9BEF-81944806B32ESelf Defense for Equality

Safety is a key factor for reaching equality.
Self-defence raises awareness and self-confidence. 1-10 day courses. 


7A2F57C8-9284-4E1F-8AAD-FD09871AC259 Yoga for Equality

Bringing body and soul and heart together. Amazing bonding and health benefits. 


Dance for Equality

Dance, dance, dance to raise the strength and power in Nepali society.
Traditional dance to hip-hop. Arranging training and festivals.