Project Partners

Beni Handicrafts (Nepal)
A small Kathmandu based producer of handicrafts, crafted from waste materials. Providing management services to Steps, work skill training, employment, and economic assistance.

Bergans of Norway  (Norway)
Leading Norwegian brand of outdoor clothing and equipment.
Providing clothing and equipment, and economic support.

Mountain People (Norway and Nepal)
Aim: ‘Mountain people of Norway helping mountain people of Nepal to help themselves.’
Provided 8 helicopter deliveries of needed equipment after the earthquake to Tipling.
Today, provides market, logistical and economic support.

Elevate (USA andNepal)

Solance International Providing long term and stable economic support.

Intersport Fagernes 

Hotel Moonlight 

North Field Cafe 

Associazione El Volcan (Andrea & Laura)
Part financed re-building of Lphapsang Karbi School, and financed 14 trucks to transport 885 bundles of zinc-sheet roofing to Tipling.

Specific Health Partners

Dignity Without Danger (Dr Sara Parker, Liverpool John Moores University)

Activity Partners

Action 40 

Education Partners

Leadership Mastery