Steps Foundation Nepal is a Kathmandu based NGO, primarily operating with voluntary workers, following three basic principles in order to create a platform for women empowerment and gender equality:

  1. Education
  2. Hygien
  3. Health

Basic Goals: 
1. To train rural women in income-generating skills, so that they may be self-reliant.
2. To promote women’s reproductive health, by mitigating superstitions and malpractices of menstrual hygiene, and promote birth control.
3. To provide community education on women’s and children’s legal rights – eg divorce and inheritance.
4. To create a platform for women empowerment and gender equality in rural society, and thus create a more just and sustainable society.

Sub committee meeting 2
(Meeting with one of the sub-committees)

Full vision 

  1. To create a viable platform, through awareness and practice, leading to women’s empowerment and gender equality through education, culture and sport activities.
  2. To train income-generating skills to rural women, with the aim of their becoming self-reliant.
  3. To promote women’s reproductive health by addressing superstitions and malpractices associated with menstruation and birth control.
  4. Addressing the dangers of early marriage, early pregnancy, too many births, domestic violence, gambling, alcohol etc., prevalent in society, through group and individual trainings.
  5. To provide information and raise awareness around women’s and children’s social and legal rights – giving them ‘a voice’.