Play for Equality

On the 30th of September 2017 Steps organised Play for Equality.
Women challenged men to a game of volley ball in Tipling.
The women had never played before but proved that training pays, as they won the first game. The men’s team was furious, so they and the referee changed the rules so they could win the second game! Fair play records that the women’s team was victorious!

Draw for Equality

What an amazing experience it was seeing women giggle and laugh to explore their drawing skills for the first time in their life. Some women said it was unusual and fun to hold a pen. They were asked to draw anything that was related to women. Some drew stick figures with wrinkled bosoms and round vagina; some drew flowers, houses, plants and hills and some drew uterus. The workshop helped the women believe that given the chance, they can do anything.

New Years Celebration

Steps Foundation Nepal’s women group and young girl group performed traditional dances and songs with full of happiness.

We hope the new year will bring changes in positive behaviors, peace, happiness, good health and prosperity for everyone. We know together can make a better society for a better future.